• Pregnancy Pack

    The Pregnancy Pack is available for all expectant mothers, who received the Prenatal Care Book and the Nativitas Information Pack from the health visitor – and do the online registration with the code (the code can be found in the Information Pack).

    The Pregnancy Pack contains samples of all of our partners, with whom we have the cooperation to orient and encourage the purchase of families. We inform mothers about the available services and useful pieces of information about the periods of pregnancy, and the birth of a child.

    Distribution: 50.000 Pregnancy Pack/year

  • Baby Pack

    The aim of the Baby Pack – available after the baby’s birth – is provide mothers and families with the most reliable information of the market. Our most important mission is to reach every Hungarian family, so they can make decision easily with the help of the qualitative product samples and informational leaflets.

    We emphasize that we help the parents with only those company’s messages which are helping them with the most important baby care and upbringing issues.

    Distribution: 90,000 Baby Pack / year

  • PIC-Pack – for premature babies

    In Hungary the number of premature infants is exceptionally high – it means approximately 8-10% of births (nearly 9000 babies / year). The care of these babies happens in PIC (= Perinatal Intensive Centre) wards.
    Our PIC project, based ont he premature infants specific needs, was started in November 2016, with the professional guidance of Dr. Csaba Nádor.

    In March 2017 PIC-Pack, full of special tiny products for the time of long hospital stay, is available in 13 PIC departments and in our office in Budapest for all registered families.

    Distribution: 10 000 PIC-pack/year

  • Hungarian family model

    The Hugarian family model goes through significant changes. Primary goal of young people is to focus on their education and economic stability, so the thought of marriage or childbearing comes in the life cycle, when they have the financial background to be more thoughtful, in case of choosing a new product. Most of the cases decisions are based not on the opinion of the older generation, but their own experiences and recomendation of peers.

  • Just-in-time marketing

    As well as providing new moms with the timely tips, trusted advice and expert knowledge they need, we introduce best quality products and services to moms that can be invaluable through the different key stages. It’s crucial for us to be mom’s most trusted advisor and mom’s first source of information and recommendation. That’s the reason why we keep contacting moms since they are expecting until baby is 12-months-old and beyond.

  • Premature infants WORLD DAY AND FAMILY-FRIENDLY CARE 2016

    15 million babies born too soon, each year worldwide, before the 37th week of pregnancy. According to the latest data, in Hungary one in ten babies born prematurely. In the premature baby’s survival chances, the key role is improving the first 1,000 days of life by professionals, parents and professional partners – together. In this highly important period the innovative technology, family-friendly pre-term care, early intervention and adequate nutrition (especially the only breast feeding – till the end of the 6th month) can be life-saving.