Just-in-time marketing

As well as providing new moms with the timely tips, trusted advice and expert knowledge they need, we introduce best quality products and services to moms that can be invaluable through the different key stages. It’s crucial for us to be mom’s most trusted advisor and mom’s first source of information and recommendation. That’s the reason why we keep contacting moms since they are expecting until baby is 12-months-old and beyond.

What does „just-in-time” mean?

  • Information Pack – in the first trimester

Every mom is eligible to receive the Nativitas Information Pack which can be taken from nearly 3200 health visitor at 1280 network points. This pack includes the Nativitas „Waiting for You” book – the professional content is ensured by the Association of the Hungarian Health Visitors, useful briefings, discount coupons – ensuring the best conditions to buy quality products. A uniue code is given, that can help to get the next pack.

  • Pregnancy Pack – any time of pregnancy

With the unique code of the Information pack mums can do the online registration and get the Pregnancy Pack at the Nativitas distribution partner points (dm-drogerie markt, pharmacies, baby shops). The Pregnancy pack contains useful brochures and product samples.

  • Baby Pack – right after the baby’s birth

The Baby packs are approved individually by every partner hospital of Nativitas. It is taken over by the experts of the obstetrics or nursery department.

  • PIC-Pack – for premature babies in perinatal intensive care centers

It can be taken by the mothers of premature babies under the weight of 1500 gr. In this case the the reliable quality is crucial – there’s no time to test dozen of products.

  • Newsletter Service

Our newsletter service is based on a unique conception. Knowing the importance of availability of information for mothers at any time, our aim is to reach every mom with timely newsletters with dedicated information and offers. We are absolutely passionate about making family life easier by giving tips based ont he date of the babies’ expected birth date.

We bullseye your target group

We understand how new family’s life changes with the arrival of the child. They enter a totally new life stage requiring new products, services, and solutions. They search actively to satisfy newly arisen needs. Reaching them with the right offer at the right time is the key success factor of our business.

Conception provides:

90% target group coverage

  • Target group: mothers-to-be and mothers with babies 0-12 months and beyond
  • No communication loss
  • product sampling, giving information in packs
  • Support of product reviews on Baba Direct homepage

Distribution control

  • Sampling packs with guides, samples, brochures – delivered by health professionals
  • 1280 health visitor network point with 3200 health visitors
  • XXX hospital (obstetrics/nursery/PIC departments)
  • possibility of product sales or giving samples in our webshop
  • No other customers, just moms-to-be and mothers of newborns, can receive them.

Medical endorsement

  • Sampling packs with guides distributed in hospitals, by medical staff,
  • Expert authors of the guides (pediatricians, obstetricians).


  • Point of market entry = new needs for new products,
  • Key emotional moment: new life stage (a family)
  • possibility for introducing customers to an expanding range of products.

Most effective tool

  • Introducing products by experiencing them (a unique possibility of products sampling).

Cost effective tool

  • No communication loss
  • Targeted to 100% of core target group

360 degree approach

Reach your audience across multiple platforms and increase the frequency of your message with the help of the 360 degree marketing strategy. Increased visibility among a target audience leads to increased brand awareness. What’s more important, product trial leads to purchase.

Media conception:


  • Sampling packs,
  • Expert guides,
  • Trainings for medical staff and health professionals,
  • Events for expectant women and young parents,
  • Direct mailings,
  • Consumer promotions,
  • database handling


  • Web-site,
  • E-mailings,
  • Newsletters,
  • social media