About Us

Why Families are important?

There’s nearly 100.000 births per year in Hungary, which is a country of 10 million people.
Because of our society’s aging character, we have to pay more and larger attention on young people and their willingness of childbearing with providing more space for opportunities to get to know – especially for young families and families with growing purchasing power

Why choose Nativitas?

  • because Nativitas Kft is a Hungarian marketing company, where all workmates has more than 15 years of experience in the fiel d of family marketing.
  • because the aim of Nativitas is to build direct connection between your products/services and young families, who are the most sensitive consumers of the market.
  • because through Nativitas packs, the partner companies get a great opportunity to hook customers while they’re young, so once in the company fold, customers can be introduced to an expanding range of products as they grow older, and more prosperous.

15 years of experience – direct connection with the consumer – key environment for introducing your products – it’s Nativitas.

We’re dedicated to make family life easier in the most important and most exciting times. We can make that awareness of your brand/services, so the need for your products will be born in mind and home of every young parent even before baby is born.

Nativitas Conception serves two key segments:

  1. Families – from the moment when the parents plan and expect a baby, at the baby’s birth and until 6th year of a kid’s life
  2. Companies– the producers of goods and services for families, babies mainly, who want to reach the families and target them with relevant products and services.

Our objective is to build powerful, highly effective, and cost-efficient marketing strategy of reaching future parents and parents by providing the combination of compelling marketing message with reaching core target group in their most relevant and emotional moment.

We focus on building long-lasting and emotional relationship with young families, particularly:

  • Pregnant women
  • Mothers of newborns
  • Families with kids up to 6 years old

We are keen on understanding both, our clients’ needs as well as the consumers needs and behaviours, to offer a tailored-made, timely activities.